OpenCore ScanPolicy Generator

Select the policies you want enabled from the list below:

0x00000001 (bit 0) - OC_SCAN_FILE_SYSTEM_LOCK, restricts scanning to only known file systems defined as a part of this policy. File system drivers may not be aware of this policy. Hence, to avoid mounting of undesired file systems, drivers for such file systems should not be loaded. This bit does not affect DMG mounting, which may have any file system. Known file systems are prefixed with OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_.
0x00000002 (bit 1) - OC_SCAN_DEVICE_LOCK, restricts scanning to only known device types defined as a part of this policy. It is not always possible to detect protocol tunneling, so be aware that on some systems, it may be possible for e.g. USB HDDs to be recognised as SATA instead. Cases like this must be reported. Known device types are prefixed with OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_
0x00000100 (bit 8) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_APFS, allows scanning of APFS file system.
0x00000200 (bit 9) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_HFS, allows scanning of HFS file system.
0x00000400 (bit 10) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_ESP, allows scanning of EFI System Partition file system.
0x00000800 (bit 11) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_NTFS, allows scanning of NTFS (Msft Basic Data) file system
0x00001000 (bit 12) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_LINUX_ROOT, allows scanning of Linux Root file systems.
0x00002000 (bit 13) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_LINUX_DATA, allows scanning of Linux Data file systems.
0x00004000 (bit 14) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_FS_XBOOTLDR, allows scanning the Extended Boot Loader Partition as defined by the Boot Loader Specification.
0x00010000 (bit 16) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_SATA, allow scanning SATA devices.
0x00020000 (bit 17) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_SASEX, allow scanning SAS and Mac NVMe devices.
0x00040000 (bit 18) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_SCSI, allow scanning SCSI devices.
0x00080000 (bit 19) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_NVME, allow scanning NVMe devices.
0x00100000 (bit 20) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_ATAPI, allow scanning CD/DVD devices and old SATA.
0x00200000 (bit 21) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_USB, allow scanning USB devices.
0x00400000 (bit 22) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_FIREWIRE, allow scanning FireWire devices.
0x00800000 (bit 23) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_SDCARD, allow scanning card reader devices.
0x01000000 (bit 24) - OC_SCAN_ALLOW_DEVICE_PCI, allow scanning devices directly connected to PCI bus (e.g. VIRTIO).


The information is taken directly from the OpenCore Documentation. Please feel free to create an issue on Github with suggestions or problems.